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The game

The situation is critical but the attacker doesn’t know what’s going on in your castle, Let him believe you have countless soldiers by your side and enough food to feed them for months !

Maintain the bluff by firing from behind straw puppets and don’t forget to feed the  pig, It is your key to victory ! 

Includes an High Score feature.


Controls explained in-game (and always available in the pause menu)

Supported : 

  • 2 players with a controller each
  • 2 players on one keyboard
  • One player with a controller and the other on keyboard
  • QWERTY and AZERTY supported


The city is besieged by the mighty army of Charlemagne. King Ballak is dead and his bride, Lady Carcas has to defend the falling castle and her dying people by any means necessary… Including trickery.

Embody Lady Carcas and her faithful friend, Lady Sonne, and create the legend of Carcassonne, the city that failed an emperor !

The game is largely inspired by a legend well known in the south of france. You can learn more about it here(English) or here(French) !


This game was made during the Game Pratic’ 2019, a game jam in Montpellier, France. It lasted 48 hours and Carcastrophe was awarded the jury’s prize!

Download Instructions

  • Extract file
  • Launch "Carcastrophe.exe"
  • Play !


Carcastrophe.zip 26 MB

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